Parking regulations for downtown Prince George have changed. Pay attention to the rules

The city of Prince George has a new parking system that you may not be familiar with. 

  1. You can only park for a total of 3 hours in the downtown core, on street. That doesn’t reset if you move the vehicle.
  2. If you need to park for more than 3 hours you need to park in one of the city parking lots or a private parking lot.
  3. What most people will do is park in the City of PG parkade that is adjacent to the Ramada and where guests staying at the Ramada would be parking.
  4. Do not park behind the Wood Inovation Design Centre as that is a private parking lot that doesn’t offer hourly parking. There is a parking lot to the north of the area behind the WIDC, that you can pay for hourly parking.

The City of Prince George has a website that explains parking. . Note many of the links do not work on the web page, other information is dramatically out of date or or out right wrong. Basically it comes down to you get 3 hours free. Doesn’t reset if you move the car to anywhere else in the downtown core and best to pay for off-street parking.

New OH&S week long course coming to the spring NADC

Did you know that the OH&S course has been restructured very similar to the SLS ( Steward Learning Series ) . There is an mandatory introduction then followed with half day sections. We will be having a full week long of Occupational Heath and Safety courses. If you are an experienced safety representative or new to the role of an OH&S rep or a steward needing more information about your rights and responsibilities this will be the course for you.

2016 Fall NADC AGM is Thursday at 3:00 pm

The general meeting for the NADC will be 3:00 pm. on Thursday September 29th in the Marie Pomoroy room. Please ensure you attend as the future courses for NADC will be discussed.

After the meeting there will be a full supper provided by NADC at 7 pm.