Spring 2013 Smithers

The Spring 2013 NADC school was held in Smithers BC at the Hudson’s Bay Lodge. Over 80 members took in a variety of courses concerning advanced Executive, note taking, steward learning series and financial officer’s training.

The common coffee times were great for people to mingle with other classes.

Barbell Schroter co-organized the Spring session including the social evening. Tracey Berry and Dorothy Cardinal from Local 1570 Smithers Municipal spear headed the show at the social and rounded up some great shwag.

Some of the prizes required that people admitted to (and showed!) somewhat unusual tattoos or piercings, which resulted  in someone in the crowd saying, “do you have anything for a NORMAL person !”.

Our DJ was Elgin Cutler, first time at a union event. He’s a ASSW (Aboriginal Support Services Worker)  at the highschool. He loved it.
In preparation for that evening, he researched workers/union songs. He’s a rap and hip/hop guy himself, but he was excited about the political/social commentary he found in those songs he found.

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